Documentation audit

How to make users read your instruction manuals? - check our documentation audit applying the provisions of the norm PN-EN-82079 and see how it proposes a new approach to creating your technical documentation for users - the "How to...?" model


  • review of current user manuals
  • suggested "quick and easy" solutions to improve readability of manuals
  • proposal for more in-depth restructuring of the manuals to reflect users' perspective and based on the "How to...?" model

How to optimize the translation process in your company? - in-depth analysis of the ordering and translation processes in your company - what can be improved and how to generate real savings without compromising on quality.


  • Review of document flow in the translation process
  • CAT analysis of sample company documents (identifying repetition rates and possible savings)
  • Suggested solutions to improve the process and generate savings in designing documents to be translated
  • Overview of DTP tools and how to work with various file formats


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